Shower collection

Accessing to healthy lifestyle with the core water purification technology
  • Shower system

    Shower system

    Integrate all shower experience, whether you want to refresh or relax, wake up your vitality in the morning or take a shower after a hard day of work, the shower system can give you a personalized shower experience.
  • Hand shower

    Hand shower

    With a range of innovations to reflect your personal style and shower preferences. Explore options for your own beautiful, innovative shower experience.
  • Rain shower

    Rain shower

    Rain shower head designed to mimic the sensation of falling rain, rain showerheads are a luxurious way to get clean and add a stylish flair and spa-like experience to your own showers at home.
  • Shower head

    Shower head

    Luxury for your senses, Experience water in a new way. We design a great shower that meets your personal health and wellness needs.
  • Sliding Bar

    Sliding Bar

    With a detachable hand shower on a slide bar you can adjust the placement to change the height of the spray. It takes your shower experience to the next level.
  • Shower accessories

    Shower accessories

    The perfect bathroom renovation comes down to the small details, and we offer an extensive array of bathroom remodeler accessories. All of our shower and tub installations are fabricated to custom-fit your specific bathroom.


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