Runner Group, driven by its technology and innovation strategy, guided by its core values ​​of "Teamwork, Steadiness, Customer Satisfaction, and Sustainability", now transforms into a conglomerate covering kitchen and bathroom, water and air purification, health care, and manufacturing technology with operation bases in Xiamen, Ningbo, Zhangzhou, Taipei, and Thailand.

Company Culture

Company Culture (4)


Company Culture (1)


Company Culture (1)


Create Eco-home for new civilization

We are committed to be

● Industrial Pioneer
● Product Innovation
● Technology Pilot
● Standard Setter
● Better Future

Runner Inside
My Home

We are committed to be

● Customization
● Brands Incubation
● Project Application
● Technical Solution
● New Business Model
● Global Expansion

Continuous Development on
Research & Technology Capability

We are committed to be

● Healthy Home
● Digital Integration
● Smart Factory
● New Material Tech.
● Green Manufacturing
● Indigenous Innovation

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Create new civilization for future living

explore the beauty of life with family

Core Competency in Research & Technology


● Solid Team

● Steady Development

● Customer Satisfaction

● Sustainable Management

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RUNNER History

RUNNER History (3)

Foundation a foreseeable bright futureahead

In 1978,the little alley in Taipei ...
The memory of old-fashioned injection molding machine and several business partners still remains fresh
The past days witness the development of RUNNER
RUNNER is full of confidence, perseverance and determination to reach the next summit

RUNNER History (1)

In 1978, constructed a plant in San-chong city, Taipei an cofounded RUNNER Technology Co., Ltd. The company occupie a mere area of 80 square meters.

In 1979, the firm started to receive orders from foreign merchants and it started its first business - shower nozzle through SIMMONS Co.

In 1981, as the corporate management became increasingly burgeoning, the plant expanded to 210 square meters.

In 1983, as the corporate organization became more complete, the business model transformed from self-production into the pattern of massive outsourcing; assembled products also. expanded from electronic components to hardware, plastic and bathroom components and accessories, which laid a foundation for RUNNER entering the sanitary industry.

In 1985, OEM of electronics and components gave way to sanitary products, especially fished goods.

In 1986, as business expanded, the company was officially renamed as RUNNER Technology Co., Ltd.Same year, RUNNER passed BSI (British Standard sinstitution) certificate from UK.

RUNNER History (6)

Relocated Further development in Xiamen

Those old images unveiled plenty memories full of hard-working and struggling.

RUNNER History (2)

In 1989, RUNNER relocated from Taipei to Xiamen

In 1990, based in Xiamen, Xiamen RUNNER Sanitory Co., Ltd.was founded, focusing on the plumbing industry.The two-story old plant of former Fu-lian Textile Mill was rented. RUNNER officially started its business in China as the first shipment was released in October.

In 1993, the first conveyor line started to operate and MRP management system was also integrated in the next year.

In 1998, the surface treatment plant was founded, laying a solid foundation for our core competence.

In 2001, the first Sport Meet, as an affection cohering gala, was held in Hecuo Primary School, Xiamen.

In 2002, the plant was moved to Jimei and officially renamed as Xiamen RUNNER Industry Co., Ltd., and it became a manufacturer integrating professional production, manufacturing and marketing for plumbing, sanitary components, automotive components and accessories, home appliances accessories, hardware, precision cavity dies, fine blanking dies and surface plating for plastic and metals parts.

RUNNER History (7)

Development Vision and strategy "Lushan Meeting" in Jiangxi to facilitate our transformation

While the fruits remain untasted
Strive continues t o irri ate new hopes
The “L ushan Conf erence”guided RUNNER to the future direction
Since then, the company further developed into a corporate
This the path of RUNNER.

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In 2003, the concept of RUNER Group was first, mentioned in the "Lushan Conference"in Jiangxi, business summit of the Group. China. The "Lushan Conference" was also the first.

In 2003, Ningbo RUNNER was officially started to operate, focusing on tubufar categories.

In 2006, Ningbo RUNNER purchased 200 acre land In Xiangshan to build the "RUNNER Industrial Park".

In 2008, Phase | of "RUNNER Industrial Park" was compieted and started to operate. The 50, 000 square RUNNER group 30th Anniversary and of RUNNER Indesteial Park Inauguration Ceremony.

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Easy to do business,Reliability and Satisfactoriness

Having gone through the past jointly,
we determine to take bigger challenges.
This is our transformation.
This is an oath of standing together regardless of difficulties.
Let's embrace the dream, release our passion and make
majestic progress, towards the same direction.
Let's set foot on a new journey towards the dream.
Over the eternal battlefield, let time fleeting to the future.

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From 2007 to 2010,Easo, Tubetech, Zhangzhou RUNNER and Filtetech were founded one after another one.

In 2012, a Board Meeting held in Cingjing, Taiwan.CEO Joe Chen released the concept of "build an ever-lasting enterprise rather than a ten-billion business", became a motto and milestone of RUNNER' s development.

In 2013, our slogan "Easy to do business, Reliability and Satisfactoriness" was first raised on the conference in Malaysia.

In 2016, as the project "Industrial Network and MES System" was launched, the transformation and upgrade of the operation process of intelligent manufacturing of RUNNER was officially started.

In 2017,“RUNNER Group” was renamed in January. Xiamen JUST MAKER CO., LTD inaugurated in April. “Xiamen RUNNER Industry Co., Ltd.“ was officially renamed as “RUNNER (Xiamen) Corp .”

2018, the 40th anniversary of RUNNER Group! While chasing the future, one who shall not forget where it starts!

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Build to last A new path of development

While the fruits remain untasted
Strive continues t o irri ate new hopes
The “L ushan Conf erence”guided RUNNER t o the future direction
Since then, the company further developed into a corporate
This the path of RUNNER.

build (1)
build (3)

On July 30, 2020 RUNNER GROUP'S share sale in Shanghai Stock Exchange market. (Stock name:RUNNER Eco-Home Stock code: 603408)

RUNNER History (3)


The Center is responsible for nearly 10 municipal science and technology projects.
Received awards from the USA idea gold medal, Germany IF award,
Germany Red Dot award, Japan G-mark award,
China red star award and etc.


National High-tech Enterprise
National Enterprise Technology Center
National Industrial Design Center
National Advanced Intelligence Property Enterprise

Provincial Technology Center
Provincial Smart Manufacturing- Model Enterprise

Leading Green Plating Technology
Top Metal-imitating Technology
Xiamen Intelligent- Manufacturing Model Factory

2000+   Effective Patents
200+   Invention Patents
1400+   New Utility Patents
260+   Design Patents


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